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Looks too good to be true? It probably is

Looks too good to be true? It probably is

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office warn residents that an offer received by the phone, mail or Internet may be too good to be true. According to the website look­stoogoodtobetrue. com, online scams know no national borders or boundaries; they re­spect no investigative jurisdictions. But, as with all scammers, they have one objective — to separate citizens from their money!

The website advises that hanging up the phone or not responding to shady mailings or e-mails will make it difficult for the scam­mer to commit fraud.

However, con artists are very persuasive, using all types of excuses, explanations, and offers to lead citizens — and their money — away from common sense.

MCSO recommends visiting lookstoo­goodtobetrue. com to find information that will help citizens prevent falling victim to Internet scam artists.

Education, good judgment and a healthy dose of skepticism are the best defenses against becoming a victim.

To report an Internet fraud crime occu­rring in San Tan Valley, call the Pinal County Sheriff's Office at 1-800-420-8689.